Swimming match for school children

Announcement of the 18th School Children's Swimming Championships


Application guidelines for the 18th School Children's Swimming Meet in 2024 (to be held at Komorebi Yamazaki Heated Pool on August 11th) have been distributed to each school.

The application deadline is July 7th.

This is an inter-school swimming competition held in August for children aged 4 and above from municipal, national, and private elementary schools in Kamakura City. If you live in the city, you can attend by commuting to a school outside the city. (Sponsored by Kamakura City and Kamakura City Board of Education)


The 17th competition was held in 2023, with heated competition between elementary schools and children. The cooperation of high school volunteers and after-school children's guardians is essential to the operation of the event on the day of the event.


The top three schools with group scores will be presented with awards at the closing ceremony, and individual records will be awarded with certificates and certificates will be awarded to the top three students in each category through their schools at a later date with the cooperation of the Board of Education. Recruitment guidelines will also be distributed by the school around June.


School children who win in each event will apply for the Kamakura City Junior Sports Award.