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June 16th Kamamizu Swimming Ability Test 2nd Outline

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Thank you for applying from far away to participate in the Kamamizu Swimming Ability Test.

25 people participated this time. The total number of applicants is 30.

We have listed the requests and instructions for the day so that everyone can perform to their full potential.

Please read them carefully and participate.

We will have guides at each key point, so please ask if you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Items to observe

1.Parking at the pool facility is strictly prohibited for those participating in the swimming ability test. Those who come by car should use parking lots in Ofuna city center, etc.

2.The use of shoe lockers and lockers in the changing rooms is prohibited. Participants should bring tabi socks and a bag or bag to put their clothes in. Parents accompanying participants should also bring tabi socks.



1.Reception begins at 1:30 p.m. (strictly observed). Those who arrive early should wait in line outside the building until they are informed. Entry from the parking lot entrance is prohibited.

2.Please put your shoes in tabi socks before going to the reception table.

3.Reception is in the lobby on the first floor. Check your name on the reception list and receive your examinee ID card, admission ticket, and program. Proceed to the second floor, hand your admission ticket to the pool reception, and proceed to the changing room.



Change into your swimsuit in the changing room, place your clothes in a bag or bag you brought with you, and store them by the pool. (Guide staff will be waiting.)


Exam-exam waiting area

Exam-exam takers will be waiting at the designated area by the pool, where they will be shown their exam taker ID numbers.

Be sure to inform the attendant when leaving the waiting area.


Warming up

Two lanes will be used exclusively for the swimming ability test at the pool.

You can warm up in the designated lanes from 13:15 to 13:45.

Starting practice will be held from 13:45 to 13:55.

Those in the 4th grade or above may swim in the general lane by notifying the caller up to 30 minutes before the scheduled time of their call.


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will be held from 2:00 p.m., so please gather at the starting line.

If you have any questions, please raise your hand and ask.



Please gather at the call-up seat 3 races before the call-up.

Please use the restroom early.



You can start by diving or underwater.

The swimming style will be examined according to the Japan Swimming Federation's competitive swimming rules.



After swimming, please change into your clothes and come to the Code Officer in the English conversation classroom on the first floor.

Please return your examinee card.

* Certificates and badges will be awarded to those who pass.

* Certification fees will be refunded to those who fail due to time over or due to a violation of the swimming style. Please sign the individual ticket to receive it.



As the event will be held in the presence of the general public, all photography is prohibited, even from the gallery.

Eating and drinking are also prohibited in the gallery.


Eating and drinking are also prohibited in the gallery.

Kamakura Swimming Association


The Kamakura Swimming Association holds the Japan Swimming Federation-certified swimming ability test twice a year. Successful applicants will receive a swimming ability certificate and badge from the Japan Swimming Federation.


One of these events is held as a special swimming ability test (Nichirei Challenge) after application and approval was obtained from the Japan Swimming Federation. Here, Olympians provide model swimming techniques and one-point instruction to help improve swimming ability, and many people have passed the exam. After the competition, each Olympian receives encouragement from the Olympians, presents them with a certificate, and holds a photo and autograph session, which is gaining popularity as it increases motivation for the next time.

Swimming ability test standard table

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