About us

The Kamakura Swimming Association is an organization of swimming enthusiasts based in Kamakura City, founded in October 1953. We aim to deepen the friendship between our members and lead a happy life that is healthy, both physically and mentally. In addition, we strive to popularize swimming and improve techniques, contributing to the development of swimming competitions.

2024 Business plan draft


Event name
5/11(Saturday) general meeting
6/16(Sunday) 1st Kamamizu Cooperative Swimming Test (Komorebi Yamazaki Heated Pool)
7/22(Monday)~26(Friday) 68th Citizen Swimming Class First Semester A held for 5 days, 3 venues (No. 2, Fukasawa Fujizuka, Tamanawa)
7/27(Saturday) Strengthening practice sessions (5 times on Saturdays and Sundays) Good deeds pool 18:00 ~
8/4(Sunday) 18th School Children Swimming Tournament (Komorebi Yamazaki Heated Pool)
8/5(Monday)~9(Friday) 68th Citizen Swimming Class First Semester B Held for 5 days, 3 venues (Kaihama, Kosaka, Koshigoe)
8/18(Sunday) 13th Kana Sports Masters Swimming Tournament 2024 (Hiratsuka General)
8/20(Tuesday) Junior Athlete Development Swimming Class (Komorebi Yamazaki Heated Pool) Tournament 2024 (Hiratsuka General)
9/22(Sunday) 1st board meeting
11/10(Sunday) Nichirei Challenge Special Swimming Test (Komorebi Yamazaki Heated Pool)
12/1(Sunday) Year-end party
1/26(Sunday) Participation in the City Sports Festival (Bowling Tournament)
2/9(Sunday) 2nd Kamamizu Cooperative Swimming Test
3/23(Sunday) 2nd board meeting
3/30(Sunday) Komorebi Open 2025 cooperation

※ Beginner swimming class (Kanazuchi Club): 4 times a year (April class, July class, October class, January class) for 3 months each

2023/2024 Officers


Setsuo Uchida

  General affairs Nagako Kitazawa [Membership]

Harue Higuchi

    Chie Seki [Accounting]
Honorary chairman Keiichiro Asao     To be determined [PR]
Chairman Toyoko Saito   Secretariat Yoshihiro Nakano
Top of director Toshio Oiwa     Takashi Yamazaki

Kayu Uemura (Kamakura SS)

  Auditor Yuka Kawasaki
  Atsushi Hashimoto (Sesame SS)     Kimitaka Minobe
  Hiroaki Yamada (teacher)      
  Masako Manako      
  Miyako Ito      
  Nozomi Nagata      
  Naomi Shibusawa      
  Ayaka Miura      
  Yukiko Ito      

Planning committee (KSKnext) members: Miyako Ito, Naomi Shibusawa, Nozomi Nagata, Ayaka Miura.



In addition, we have established a newsletter committee and a PC committee as executive committees separate from the organization.


Related external organizations

 * Kanagawa Prefecture Swimming Federation delegate: Toyoko Saito 
block committee: Kayoko Tsuchida 
dissemination committee: Satsuki Matsuzaki 
Masters committee member, Kana Sports executive committee member, competition committee member: Nozomi Nagata

 * Kamakura City Sports Association Executive Director: Naomi Shibusawa

 * Kamakura City Sports Division

 * Kamakura City Board of Education

 * NPO center

Terms and conditions

Chapter 1 Name and office

Article 1 This association shall be called the Kamakura Swimming Association, and its office shall be located in the residence of the executives.


Chapter 2 Purpose and Business

Article 2 The purpose of this association is to promote the healthy spread and development of swimming, and to contribute to the development of the physical education culture of Kamakura City.

Article 3 The Association shall carry out the following matters in order to achieve the objectives set forth in the preceding article.

1. Liaison with the Prefectural Water Federation and coordination and communication with various city organizations.

2. Holding seminars.

3. Holding a swimming competition.

4. Other matters necessary for achieving the objectives of this association.


Chapter 3 Organization and Officers

Article 4 This association is organized by members consisting of competitive swimming organizations and swimming enthusiasts centered in Kamakura City.

Article 5 The following officers shall be appointed in this association.

Chairman ············  1 person

Vice-president ······  a few people

Board chairman ······  1 person

Vice Chairman ·······  a few people

Director ············  a few people

General affairs ·····  a few people

Auditor ·············  2 person

Article 6 The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be determined by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

The chairman represents the association and presides over its affairs.

The vice chairman shall assist and act on behalf of the chairman.

Article 7 Directors shall be elected from the members of the Association at a general meeting.

The directors shall elect the president, vice president, and general secretary by mutual election.

The Chairman shall be responsible for the operation of general business.

The Vice Chairman shall assist and act on behalf of the Chairman.

Directors shall divide the duties of the Chairman as necessary.

General affairs handles accounting and other matters.

Auditors shall be elected from among the members of the association at the general meeting and shall audit the affairs of the association.

Article 8 The term of office of officers shall be two years, and re-election shall not be precluded. The term of office of a supplementary officer shall be the remaining term of office of his/her predecessor.


Chapter 4 Honorary Chairman and Advisors, etc.

Article 9 In addition to the officers stipulated in Article 5, this association may have an honorary president, counselor, and advisor.

Article 10 The Honorary Chairman and Advisors may attend meetings of the Board of Directors and express their opinions.

Article 11: Advisors shall respond to the Chairman's advice on important matters.

Article 12 The Honorary Chairman, Advisors, and Advisors shall be selected by resolution of the Board of Directors from among those who have made significant contributions to the Association or those with academic experience, and shall be commissioned by the Chairman.


Chapter 5 Membership

Article 13 This association shall have students and working adults as regular members, and children and student members as associate members.

Article 14 The Association may have supporting members.


Chapter 6 Affiliated organizations

Article 15 Member organizations shall notify the Association of their organization name, representative, and list of members.

Article 16 Member organizations may recommend directors to this association.


Chapter 7 Accounting

Article 17 The expenses of this Association shall be paid by the following:

1. Membership fees

2. Contributions from member organizations

3. Society's business income

4. Donation

5. Subsidy

Article 18 Members, associate members, and affiliated organizations shall pay the prescribed membership fees and group membership fees to the general affairs office. The amount of membership fees will be determined by the board of directors.

Article 19 The fiscal year of this association begins on April 1st of each year and ends on March 31st of the following year.

Article 20 If there is surplus money at the end of the fiscal year, it shall be carried over to the next year.

Article 21 The budget and financial statements of this association shall be resolved by the board of directors, and the financial statements shall be audited by the auditor and approved by the general meeting.


Chapter 8 Meeting

Article 22

Section 1 The Board of Directors shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Directors, General Affairs, and Secretariat. The chairman shall convene a board of directors meeting as necessary.

Section 2 The chairperson shall be appointed by the chairman from among the directors, and shall ensure the smooth progress of the meeting with the consent of the attending directors.

Section 3 The Board of Directors shall be constituted by at least one-half of the members of the Board of Directors, including the proxy, and resolutions shall be made by a majority of those present. In case of a tie, the decision shall be made by the chairperson.

Section 4 The general meeting shall be organized by officers and regular members.

Section 5 The general meeting shall be chaired by the chairman. However, by order of the chairman, a person appointed at the general meeting may act as chairman.

Section 6 The general meeting shall be passed by at least one-half of the members of the general meeting, including the proxy, and resolutions will be passed by a majority of those present. In case of a tie, the decision shall be made by the chairperson.

Article 23 Planning meeting

Section 1 A planning meeting may be established to carry out the project.

Section 2 The Planning Committee, upon consultation with the Chairman, will examine and make a report on the specific operating requirements of the project.


Chapter 9 Secretariat

Article 24 A secretariat will be established to handle the affairs of this association.

Article 25 The secretariat shall keep the minutes of the general meeting and the board of directors.


Chapter 10 Supplementary Provisions

Article 26 These Terms may be amended at a general meeting. However, the outline of proposed amendments must be notified at the previous board meeting.

Article 27 These Terms shall come into effect from April 1, 1986.

November 1, 1993 Partial revision and enforcement

April 15, 2007 Partial revision and enforcement

May 6, 2020 Partial amendment and enforcement