Swimming Class

68th Public Swimming Class Second Round Details


The second requirements have been posted. Please check them if you are planning to participate in the class.

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This is a swimming class for 3rd grade elementary school students to junior high school students (swimming ability less than 25 meters) who live and attend school in Kamakura City during the summer vacation in July. (Co-hosted by Kamakura City and Kamakura City Sports Association  Supported by Kamakura City Board of Education)


We reserved a swimming pool at a seaside park and a swimming pool at a city elementary school for five days from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.In addition to learning how to swim, we also held a safety class called ``Float,'' which taught students how to enjoy water and how to protect themselves from water accidents. It also tells them to wait. The tuition fee is ¥3,500 (including accident insurance), and the first 40 participants at each venue are accepted. Applications can be made from the website.


In recent years, some venues have reached capacity on the first day of application and have been very popular. Detailed information will be posted on the website around June.