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Member recruitment (activities) information

Kamakura Swimming Association
Chairman Toyoko Saito

The Kamakura Swimming Association is a gathering of swimming enthusiasts who aim to deepen friendships among members and create a fun living environment that is healthy and energizing for both mind and body through swimming.We also strive to popularize swimming and improve techniques, and to develop the Kamakura swimming community and the citizens. We would like to contribute to health management.


In line with this purpose, we currently have approximately 100 members and engage in a wide range of activities as shown below.


We look forward to the participation of everyone.


1.Activity status

* Publication of newsletter (3 times a year)

* Management of the website “Kamakura Swimming Association”

* Social events: hiking, pool visits (practice sessions), celebrations, year-end parties

* Dispatch of athletes to the Kanagawa Sports Masters Swimming Competition (mid-August, Hiratsuka Sports Complex)

* Strengthening practice session (July and August, good deed pool) General citizens can also participate

* Cooperation with Komorebi Open Swimming Tournament (March, Komorebi Yamazaki Pool)

* Participation in City Sports Association Sports Festival (late January, city)

* Participation in masters swimming tournaments (4-5 times a year, Kanto area, overnight tours included, etc.)

* Training support for certified competition officials and certified swimming instructors

* Recommendation of awards to superior athletes, people of merit, etc. to superior organizations

* Support for promoting the construction of a new public swimming pool

* Benefits: Membership card issuance (discounts at Sekisui Sports and Mikuni Shoe Bag Stores)

Class name level subject period place
Beginner swimming class (Thu) Beginner  citizen April, July, October, January classes Komorebi pool
Beginner swimming class (Monday, Friday) Upper beginner level Thu graduates Continuous throughout the year (Monday, Friday) Komorebi pool
Swimming Class Beginner Elementary/junior high school students Late July, early August Kaihin pool、school pool
Swimming match for school children Upper intermediate 4th, 5th, and 6th grade elementary school students Early August Komorebi pool
Swimming Certification Intermediate Elementary school student~ June Komorebi pool etc.
Junior Athlete Development Class Advanced Elementary school student Late August Kaihin pool
Nichirei Swimming Certification Intermediate Elementary school student~ November Komorebi pool

2.Membership requirements: Swimming enthusiasts in Kamakura city and nearby areas

3.Membership fee: 1,200 yen per year (please transfer to the address below)

    *From Yu-cho savings accounts and Japan Post Bank: Code: 10990 Account number: 35813391 Account name: Kamakura Swimming Association

    *From other banks: Branch number: 098 Japan Post Regular Savings Account number: 3581339 Account name: Kamakura Swimming Association

4.Where to apply : Please fill out and send the form below, or download and fill out the file below, then apply according to the instructions on the application form.

入会申込書 v3.xlsx
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Kamakura Swimming Association membership application form


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